Is It Safe to Drive with the Air Bag Light On?

Is It Safe to Drive alongside the Air Bag Light On Is It Safe to Drive alongside the Air Bag Light On?When your airbag light comes on, it is strongly advised yous create non ignore it. With all the lights on your dash, it tin give the sack dice really tempting to ignore 1 in addition to intend it is no large deal. However, if your airbag low-cal comes on, in addition to yous ignore it, yous could genuinely move playing Russian roulette alongside your life in addition to the lives of your passengers. It mightiness betoken nada much or it could hateful that inward the termination of an accident, your airbags volition non deploy. Bearing that inward mind, hither are half dozen things yous possess got to know:

  1. On your dash, yous volition expose a low-cal that either says Air Bag or SRS. SRS stands for “supplemental restraint system.” In about cars, yous mightiness too encounter an example of a soul alongside an airbag deploying.
  2. In about cars, yous mightiness encounter a alarm saying, “airbag deactivated,” or, “air handbag off.”
  3. If your airbag low-cal is on, it could as betoken an number alongside your topographic point belts.
  4. Your airbag or SRS low-cal mightiness as come upwardly on if your vehicle was inward an accident that activated the crash sensors inward your vehicle, precisely non to the dot where the airbag deployed. In this situation, yous involve to possess got your airbag reset.
  5. Airbags may as neglect to deploy if your vehicle sustained serious H2O harm to the dot where the sensors corroded.
  6. A qualified mechanic tin give the sack diagnose issues alongside your air bags, in addition to know why your airbag low-cal is coming on.

Feeling similar driving alongside your Air Bag Light on? Maybe. It could move an number inward the sensor that causes the low-cal to come upwardly on. Or, the number could move that your airbags volition non deploy if yous cease upwardly inward a collision. It is non best yous accept the chance.

A qualified mechanic tin give the sack diagnose why your airbag low-cal has come upwardly on. If it is an number alongside a sensor, the sensor tin give the sack move changed. If your airbags has to move reset, a mechanic tin give the sack create that for you. You should e’er assume that if your Air Bag Light has come upwardly on, your safetycould dice compromised, in addition to then dice it inspected out as shortly as possible.